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Connected Data Solutions


CDS has made it very easy for its users to add Credova to their eCommerce website through their Flight Deck Dashboard.

coreware img1

  1. Go to Website—Checkout Settings Detail
  2. Populate the store ID with your API username for authentication. This is typically a mix of 6 alpha/numeric characters. The username can be found once you log into the portal: It should have also been emailed to you.
  3. Populate the Credova Key with API Password for Authentication, which is also available in the portal mentioned above.
  4. Click Save Payment Settings.

Once entered, your website will automatically display Credova as a payment option.

Orders & Returns​

Throughout the shopper’s journey, they will see Credova in the following areas:

Product detail page
coreware img1

At Checkout
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Orders paid with Credova can easily be seen in the Flight Deck Orders program.

Returns need to be initiated using the Credova portal,