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Installation Guide

Steps to install app from Ecwid Marketplace

  1. Get the app from Marketplace here: Click on Install

  2. After that you will see the payment configuration screen. Be sure to use the API credentials provided by Credova consistent with the endpoint you are using (production vs. sandbox mode). Note: this is not the same login as your front end Credova admin dashboard. Get the app

  3. App will be located in your 'Apps' > 'My Apps' section. My Apps

  4. You can also find the App in the 'Payment' section. Payment section

  5. At this point, you have completed the app configuration and set up in the backend of Ecwid. An example of the Listing page and Product Page View is included below as reference. You should now see the ‘As low As’ pricing display on the listing page. Completed the app configuration

  6. The ‘As low As’ pricing display on the product detail page. As low As pricing display

  7. Payment process on checkout page: Checkout page

  8. Credova payment process: Credova payment process

  9. Successful Order: Successful Order

  10. In the 'My Sales' > 'Orders' Section, you can see the list of orders: Orders Section

  11. Mark Order as Refund and refund the amount: Refund Order