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Our Application API exposes all the methods you need to create, check the status, upload an invoice, and add the delivery information for your applications.

Check our reference guide for all the methods available.

Callback notification

When creating an application, you can provide the Callback-Url HTTP header with an URL that our system will POST to when there is an update on the status of the application during the application process.

The URL must be public, secure (i.e., it must use HTTPS), support JSON requests, and return a 200 (OK) response.

Here are the fields included in the request:

publicIdstringNoThe Public ID that can be used for all further references to this application or pre-qualification.
applicationIdintYes (when there is no application)Our internal application ID
statusstringNoCurrent status. The possible values are Pre-qualified, Declined, Approved, Signed
phonestringNoCustomer's phone number
approvalAmountdecimalYes (when status is Declined)Approval Amount
borrowedAmountdecimalYes (when status is not Signed)Contract's Borrowed Amount
totalInStorePaymentdecimalYes (when status is not Signed)Contract's Total In Store Payment
financingPartnerCodestringYes (when status is not Signed)Contract's Financing Partner Code
financingPartnerNamestringYes (when status is not Signed)Contract's Financing Partner Name
financingPartnerDisplayNamestringYes (when status is not Signed)Contract's Financing Partner Display Name

Request sample

"publicId": <value>,
"applicationId": <value>,
"status": <value>,
"phone": <value>,
"approvalAmount": <value>,
"borrowedAmount": <value>,
"totalInStorePayment": <value>,
"financingPartnerCode": <value>,
"financingPartnerName": <value>,
"financingPartnerDisplayName": <value>