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Welcome to the Credova API documentation. Here you will find all the information needed to start working with our API.

Our API is a RESTful HTTP API, so if you have ever connected with a REST API, you will feel very comfortable using it.


You can access the Credova API via one of the following endpoints:

EnvironmentBase endpoint

The production endpoint provides access to your live user data. The sandbox environment is a good place to test code without affecting real-world data.

Any operation in the sandbox environment was created solely for test purposes and does not have any legally binding response.

We also provide Swagger endpoints that you can use to generate the clients on your preferred language:

EnvironmentSwagger UI endpoint


Most of the methods exposed by our API will require you to be authenticated.

To make authenticated requests, first, you must make a call to the Generate authentication token method to obtain the authentication token. This method requires a username and password that will be provided to you by our team.

With the token in hands, you can authenticate the subsequent API requests passing the token in the Authorization HTTP header: Authorization: Bearer {token}.

Testing a request

Use a third-party client, such as curl, Postman, or Insomnia, to test the API.

You can test the API from the sandbox or production endpoints. If connecting to production, bear in mind that you are working with your live production data, not sample data or test data.

Error Handling

Responses and error codes are detailed in Responses and errors.