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Welcome to the Credova Plugin documentation. The plugin is a JavaScript library that will help you interact with our financing platform and provide a better experience to your users.

In this guide, we will cover the key points of how to configure and use the plugin.


You need to have a Sandbox account already set up. If you do not have, please get in contact with us.

Browser Support

Credova pluging supports 91.34% of used browsers.
You can check here the list of supported browsers and versions.


The first thing you need to do is place the following script near the end of your page:

<script src=""></script>

Don't insert the script in the head tag. The plugin injects some elements to the page, so it requires the head tag to be fully loaded to work properly.

The script will make the CRDV variable available. This is the only modification that the plugin will make to the global scope of the page.

The plugin is self-contained and does not require any dependency.

Configure your store

For the plugin work correctly, you will need to call the config method while passing the desired environment and your store code.

CRDV.plugin.config({ environment: CRDV.Environment.Sandbox, store: "YOUR-STORE-CODE" });

Don't forget to set the correct environment before pushing your code live:

CRDV.plugin.config({ environment: CRDV.Environment.Production, store: "YOUR-STORE-CODE" });

Check plugin configuration for reference.


Now that you have installed and configured the plugin, here are a few suggestions for what to do next:

  • Check out the prequalification page for ways to show your users the financing options available to them.
  • Read the Checkout page to learn how to add our financing platform as a payment option in your website.
  • Read how to check and confirm a successful order with the application SIGNED status at Credova by using the status endpoint or the callback notification.