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It is very simple to connect Credova to a your AmmoReady website.

  1. Navigate to the Addons section in your dashboard.
  2. Click to install the add-on for Credova.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your username and API Key.
    a. Username: Usually a mix of 6 alpha/numeric characters. The username can be found here:
    b. Password: Usually a random mix of 64 alpha/numeric characters and symbols. The API password can be found here:
  4. Once saved, the elements of Credova are added to the site automatically.

Shopper’s Journey​

On product listing and product detail pages, shoppers will be prompted with a marketing pop-up when they click on Financing available link. At checkout, shoppers will see the prequalification steps.

Product Listing pages coreware img1

Product Detail Pages where product price is between $300-$5000. coreware img1

coreware img1

coreware img1