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Woo Commerce


Automatic Plugin Installation​

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.

  2. Use the search form in the top-right to search by keyword Credova Financial, author or tag.

  3. On the search results that appear, click a plugin’s title to read more about it. This page may contain installation notes, plugin documentation or other useful information.

  4. Click the Install Now button to install the plugin.

  5. Click Activate to activate the plugin.

Manual Upload​


This process may put your site at risk if you install a WordPress plugin incompatible with the current version or from an unreliable source. Back up your site completely before proceeding.

  1. If your plugin is in the form of a zip file, unzip the contents. You should see a single folder named after the plugin.

  2. Look in the plugin folder for a readme.txt file. Read the file to confirm that this is the correct plugin, and to look for any special instructions.

  3. Connect to your WordPress server with your SFTP client.

  4. Copy the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory. This installs the plugin to your WordPress site.

  5. Navigate to your Plugins admin screen and locate the newly uploaded plugin in the list.

  6. Click the plugin’s “Activate” link.

  7. If there is one, click the plugin’s “View details” link to learn more about the plugin.

Plugin Setup and Configurations​

Fill your Credova store configuration here and Save the details so that it can be used by the plugin on your website frontend.

  1. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> Credova

    WooCommerce enable plugin

  2. Add all your configurations and save changes

    WooCommerce enable plugin